Video Training for Microsoft products and technologies
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Video Training for Microsoft products and technologies

Training programm
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About the Course

This course is a demonstration of how customers can receive an access to the classes. If you try to open any of the lessons (check below, in the “Learning Plan” section), access will be denied.

However, if you authorize using the following data:
Login: test_customer
Password: test
you will be able to open the first and the second classes; as for the third class, it will become available from the date specified.


Learning Plan

  • Microsoft Office for your PC | March 19, 2015 by Sonuraj D
    Duis nec ipsum vel elit semper scelerisque sit amet sit amet augue. In semper massa id rhoncus porta. Proin quis leo et ligula gravida pulvinar ut eu justo. Nam blandit sed nulla finibus bibendum.
  • Office training for your Mac | March 20, 2017 by Prakash G
    Donec ornare urna a varius vestibulum. Fusce vel tempus mi, id placerat tortor. Aliquam ut augue vel libero eleifend viverra eu nec nisi. Proin fermentum, augue id fermentum pellentesque, eros metus dignissim sapien, vitae cursus enim dui ac tellus.
  • Office for iPad training | June 6, 2017 by Prakash G
    Nullam tincidunt est vitae nulla congue, vel gravida nunc varius. Praesent venenatis lectus in orci vestibulum, in pretium quam egestas. Maecenas consectetur eros id velit tempor ullamcorper.

Class Venue

24 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014
Room 32


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Sonuraj Dandotikar

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